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Eddie Hobbs Automotive, Inc. is a Pace, Florida family owned company. Since 2001 Eddie Hobbs Automotive, Inc. has established an auto repair shop division, offered exhaust repair service and develop...


When you are in need of auto repair services, in Pace, FL, come to Eddie Hobbs Automotive, Inc. We are a complete automotive service center, that offers a variety of services including brakes, oil changes, tune ups, tires and much more. We have over 30 years of experience with highly skilled technicians. For reliable auto repair services, in Pac...



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Auto Repair Shop in Pace, FL

Exhaust Repair Service in Pace, FL

Brake Shop in Pace, FL

Oil Change Service in Pace, FL

Radiator Repair Service in Pace, FL

Transmission Shop in Pace, FL

Tune Ups in Pace, FL

Fuel Injections in Pace, FL

Tires in Pace, FL

Auto AC and Heating in Pace, FL